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WEEKEND: Monday Morning

Music Video

This long format music video tells the story of a small American town in the 1990's, regular in every way, except for one thing. All the water is black. Showers, garden hoses, slip + slides, all of it comes out jet black. 

The town doesn't seem to be bothered, long since excepting this contaminated reality. Its just a pleasant warm summer day.


This music video portrays an allegorical tale about comfort in the undeniable toxicity of our everyday lives. 

Directed by Kevin Johnson and Shaun Durkan Produced by Ryan Uzilevsky

Cinematography by Ryan Uzilevsky and Gabriel Valencia

Edited by Marco Svizzero 


weekend poster.jpg




Conceptually, the music video represents acceptance and comfort in the inescapable contamination of modern life. Something that is beyond the state of resistance and no longer stands in the way of happiness.

Visual Inspirations for the project includes the photography of Edward Burtynsky's seminal work 'Manufactured Landscapes' a portrayal of the epic scale of humanities modification of planet earth.


As well, surrealist photographer Gregory Crewdson, who captures the austere and atmospheric dimension of life in suburban america influenced the way the music video portrays its mundane boredom through a cinematic lens. 


The idea for the production was conceived by band mates and childhood friends Kevin Johnson and Shaun Durkan. Kevin Johnson is the brother of film director Ryan Uzilevsky, who was then contacted to help put the shoot together and flesh out some of their ideas. Ryan Uzilevsky created the storyboards and hired an additional camera operator. The location of Novato, California was selected because it was the actual childhood town of all three of the filmmakers who grew up there in the 80's and 90's.

The cast was made up of Singer and Guitar Player for the band, Shaun Durkan's community who were still living in Novato. Including his younger brother and sister, their friends, and extended families. Shaun's Mom, and filmmaker Ryan Uzilevsky even make a guest performance in a couple shots.

The film was released by the band's record label Slumberland Records as part of the bands widely acclaimed album 'Sports'. The video has tallied near 50,000 online views from multiple outlets




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