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Video Art + Experiments

Quantum Swarm

Quantum Swarm

Quantum Swarm Is a visual experiment which uses human forms to symbolize the wave-particle duality found in quantum mechanics. The question being; how can light be both particle and wave at the same time? A similar question: how do individuals consciously operate as both a wave, caught up in the flow of society, and a particle, experiencing and reacting to their own reality. These questions are not exactly answered, but only visually toyed with as we watch 5,000 human particles enter the "Quantum Swarm" Making of: Part of a continuos experiment initiated by Light Harvest on subjects such as gravity research, particle physics models, human emotion, and metaphysical conjuring - this short piece originally appeared at the Bonnaroo Music Festival on a 80 foot tall L.E.D. Tower. The footage of the performers was produced by Ryan Uzilevsky at both Light Harvest Studio and the House of Yes as part of an on going experiment with aerial flying rigs. Some of the footage also appears in the architectural video mapping work's "SIMULACRA" (collaboration with Bobby Redd) And "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW." (in collaboration with Leo Kuelbs and Farkas Fulop) Both can be found here on Vimeo. A large part of the research that made the Quantum Swarm possible is due to Yevgeniy Rokhlin, a visual effects artist and prominent studio collaborator at Light Harvest. This piece is the culmination of an ongoing experiment and only represents one possible outcome of an idea that continues to evolve into new forms


2016 Cinematography Reel

2006 Cinematography Reel


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Still Frames

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