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Throughout history alchemy has been recognized as the process of transformation.

The "PlayAlchemist's" build a pyramid in the desert that has been known as "The Mount Eve...

This performance took place on the side of an abandoned grain silo in Brooklyn, NY.

A combination of projected light show and aerial dance on a vertical surface.

Anya repelled off the side of a twelve story structure to

perform the routine for a live audience at Elements...

The 3D Heart Engine 3.0 makes its debut at Robot Heart' fall benefit.

The heart engine would not run with out the assistance of Todd Bryant and Andrés Taraciuk

Special thanks to Walt, Mike and Geo from Robot Heart for the venue to expand this vision, and to Levitation Th...

This custom designed and fabricated 3D structure is over 26 feet wide and features UVMapped  3D animation that can be manipulated in real-time to acompany music and theatrical events happening at the venue.

a taste of the Asa Ransom experience

Performed @ VERBOTEN // Good Units, NYC

DJs scanned:

Wolf + Lamb
Audio Fly
Steve Bug
Matthias Tanzmann

Special thanks to James Barnes of Waking Dream, Kevin Bleich, and Jen and John Flawless.

Music: "Hold On" - Holy Ghost

Reality Engine TV and Light Harvest Studio present: "i (holographic)”, a live audio-visual dance floor experience. Utilizing state of the art immersive video mapping technology and holographic projections; audiences are transported to a virtual dreamland.

New media pion...

3D Projection mapped sculpture with live visuals.
based on the Sierpinski fractal triangle, a shape of calm.

Video Soundtrack: Striker by Gui Borrato

Originally commissioned for reSolute record label's 4th anniversary 

Also appeared with Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap, and Nico J...

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