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Projection Mapping // Expanded Cinema 

Combining architecture with cinema to tell immersive stories 

Light Harvest has used its platform at LUMA to explore the impact of intimate, emotive dance performance on the sometimes sterile art of architectural projection. The resulting mix is a startingly resonant exploration of the human experience with all the punch of large...

Created and Directed by
Ryan Uzilevsky

A projection mapping multimedia piece at the intersection of dance theater, installation, and music video. This original work weaves a narrative about the human struggle between truth and fiction. The story centers on two lovers as...

In this 3D projection mapped narrative film, we explore a young girls imagination as she becomes inspired by her aging grandfathers thoughts on the future. The story is inspired by how an older generation can inspire a new generation, even when they are not around to s...

"Simple Creatures 2" is a multimedia narrative that utilized precise 3D projection mapping on the University of Sydney's historic facade.

This is the continuation of the original "Simple Creatures" piece from 2014

No longer limited by their materia...

We set out to create a one of a kind public art experience, a projection mapping installation for multiple surfaces and multiple dimensions.

Created by a hand picked team of artists with sponsorship by AT+T, Senovva, Light Harvest, and Leo Kuelbs.

Unfolding like an anima...

This large scale video mapping installation took place in an abandoned neo-gothic church in Brooklyn. 
The content questions the rapid parade of simulations making up our post-modern human experience. Like a map with no territory, these simulations hint at the existenc...

A veteran of the inaugural 2007 edition of New Frontier, Ricardo Rivera and Klip Collective returned to Sundance to transform the entire front of the New Frontier venue into a 3D projection-mapped parable, inspired by the Tom Waits song, "What is He Building in There"


3D projection mapped art piece "Simple Creatures"

Created by Ryan Uzilevsky and friends of Light Harvest Studio; Anya Sapozhnikova, Yevgeniy Rokhlin, and Todd Bryant.

3D projection mapped "expanded cinema" event on the facade of Sydney University in conjunction with Fi...

Days of War, Nights of Forgiveness
Ryan Uzilevsky, 2011
Site-Specific Video Sculpture
Two Channel Projection, Wood, Fabric.

This work is a simultaneous representation of the volumes of interior and exterior. Situated at the brief instant of a phantomnal doorway, it oper...

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