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Created for the 3D projection mapped "expanded cinema" event on the facade of Sydney University in conjunction with Finely Tuned's "VIVID - Path to the Future" exhibition.

Artist Statement:

The piece unfolds in a conceptual triptych narrative about the human quest for, and ultimate separation from materialistic obsession. Multicolored silhouetted individuals each representing a different strata of society, find themselves challenged by realms of illusion and truth. These realms are represented by the transforming features of the University building's iconic, towering facade.

Designed, Directed, and 3D Mapping content created by: Ryan Uzilevsky

Additional 3D Animation: Todd Bryant Yevgeniy Rokhlin

Performers: Anya Sapozhnikova Elan Jarof Akil Davis Poetry N Motion NYC Ryan Uzilevsky

Aerial Photography: Brooklyn Flying Squirrel

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