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FURTHER FUTURE 2015 / 2016

For the second year in a row I acted as Visuals Director for the Further Future festival, put on by fellow Robot Heart camp members in the desert outside of Las Vegas. WWW.FURTHERFUTURE.COM

In 2016 I also hosted a panel discussion titled "Visions of Sound and Light" were we invited sound and light artists into a round table discussion about technology, immersive storytelling, and the cross over between music and visuals.

Here is a link to the webpage about the panel

In 2016 we also added the "Further Future Film Festival" on the main stage. For this I curated cutting edge short films to screen in between headliner acts, taking over the full concert audio and video system.

Check out the films here:


Directed by: Nicolas Alcala


Directed by Kouhei Nakama

The Halftime Show

Directed by Jesse Reding Fleming


Directed by Joanie Lemercier

The Story of Light

Directed by Bell Labs

The Venus Project

Directed by NOIR Films


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