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Days of War, Nights of Forgiveness

Days of War, Nights of Forgiveness Ryan Uzilevsky, 2011 Site-Specific Video Sculpture Two Channel Projection, Wood, Fabric.


This work is a simultaneous representation of the volumes of interior and exterior. Situated at the brief instant of a phantomnal doorway, it operates to identify other spaces and to create a discourse on the forbidden and unreal nature of these other spaces by rendering a simplification of architecture to its purest from, the threshold of a doorway.

The video, presented in a distinct four part cycle, re-imagines seasons and natural phenomena in a nuclear age, bringing to the foreground the spectral character and otherness of catastrophic environmental crisis within the modern perception, and it's effect on the psyche of human relationships and spirituality.

Furthermore, by treating the often illusory nature of the projected image as a tactile material with physical boundaries, the work reaches to display a gravity and physicality in the projected image, ultimately bringing a spectral media to physical form, and physical spaces into the realm of illusion.

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