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A veteran of the inaugural 2007 edition of New Frontier, Ricardo Rivera and Klip Collective returned to Sundance to transform the entire front of the New Frontier venue into a 3D projection-mapped parable, inspired by the Tom Waits song, "What is He Building in There"

Ryan Uzilevsky was asked to help create some of the digital sets and props for this amusing spectacle.

Written and Directed by: Ricardo Rivera Installation Director and Sound Design: Josh James Animation And Post: Monogram Head Animator: Masa Wakabayashi Compositing/Animation: Ryan Uzilevsky, Steven Rivera Director of Photography: Kevin Ritchie

Cast: Man - John Luna Mail Man - Kevin Ritchie Producer: Natalie Weiss Executive Producer: Pier Nicola D'Amico, Phillip Erney, Marie Patriarca, Michelle Barbieri Stop Motion Team: Ricardo Rivera, Josh James, Thomas Roland, Luka Berlin Rivera, Steven Rivera, Lindsay Moyer Wardrobe: Eden Daniels Art Department: Thom Roland Prop Stylists: Steve Pannepacker, Natalie Weiss Harness: Brian Sanders

Special Thanks: Shari Frilot Jamie McMurry Sara Shives Michelle Barbieri Nic D'Amico

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