This performance took place on the side of an abandoned grain silo in Brooklyn, NY.

A combination of projected light show and aerial dance on a vertical surface.


Anya descended from the twelve story structure to perform the routine for a live audience at 80 feet off the ground,

music and video projections where synced to the choreography.


The piece marks the first official performance collaboration between Ryan Uzilevsky and Anya Sapozhnikova.



Performed by Anya Sapozhnikova 
Projection Design and additional choreography by Ryan Uzilevsky
Rigging by: Evan Collier / Arch Collective NYC
Commissioned by BangON!NYC and Timothy Monkiewicz 
Produced and developed by Light Harvest Studio and Lady Circus
Special thanks to Oxygen Event Works
Slomo Cinematography by Allen Ferguson
Additional Compositing by Yevgeniy Rokhlin 
Assistant editing by Todd Bryant and Allen Ferguson
Music by Clint Mansell


Inspired by Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain

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