The Death of Satisfaction


“Bound to a limited form. Impermeable edges and sterile borders. Without usual fluidity of existence. We continue to hope for relief while gathering an obstructed view.

The restraints we cannot see, but we can feel.

One may ask us to step forward, and this step will end all that is familiar. Intense craving. 
Summoning swift release in death. Or ego death.

We will only be born again to realize what is dying inside us. 
The battery of our heart powers our mind, and outlasts all thoughts and prayers. 
Each morning. The heart awakens all systems. To new life. 
To try again. A lost paradise we must regain. 
Our true claim to aliveness, the battery of our soul, the heart is the only way forward.”


“Vanished the veils of light and shade.
Lifted every vapor of sorrow
Sailed away from all dreams of fleeting joy
Love, Hate, Health, Disease, Life, Death.
Creations molding furnace.
Without willful return, a mental chloroform, spotless in my mental sky, below, ahead and high


Ryan Uzilevsky – Director 
Alex Lyle – Creative Producer 
Sachin Pillai - Director of Photography
Nilaya Sabnis – Female Lead
Neil Enggist – Male Lead
Nandini Bansal - Line Producer
Jill Fergurson - Make Up Artist
Rahul Malaney - Producer
Kedar Sonigra – Key Grip
Taira Malaney – Drone Pilot
Ellie Stephenson – Costume Production Assistant
Dulcie horn – Costume Production Assistant
Rachee Poppy Boden – Costume Rigger
Lukas dally- Production Assistant
Anomit Ghosh - Production Assistant
Janhavii Pathak - Production Assistant


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