An environmental art film inspired by traditional dance and the ancient Balinese concept of "Palemahan," meaning harmony with nature to avoid disaster.

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The film uses traditional Balinese dance and mythology to interpret a modern story of disharmony. The over use of consumer plastic takes on a life form of its own, overwhelming and devouring the peaceful way of life in the temple.

Directors statement:

"I was inspired by three things to make this film; the widely known 'Kekak' dance ceremonies, where entire villages perform group vocal percussion chants together as the soundtrack to their religious theatrical dramas.

The "Ogo Ogo" ceremonies of Balinese new year, where a village must construct, and then slay a giant demon effigy, which is designed to embody whatever disharmony has arisen in their village during the year.

And third, the startling amount of plastic pollution found on the island in the rivers, beaches, and jungles. I felt I should be combine these things as an imagined post-modern addendum to the balinese mythological tradition.

Created and Directed by: Ryan Uzilevsky

Featuring Performances by: 
Ketut Arjawa
Ni Kadek Kintan Kirani
Ni Komang Widya Astuti

Music Composed by: Matyas Kelemen

Produced by: Kayti Bunny Roberts + Ryan Uzilevsky

Edited by: Matyas Kelemen + Ryan Uzilevsky


Liaison: Made Junjungan

Art Department: 
Sha Read
Chantal LaMour 
Bianca Flores
Kayti Bunny Roberts

Ori Latter 
Made Denny

Production Assistant: 
Gustra Gangs

Special Thanks: 
Junjungan Guest House
Medici Artist Resort
Sha Read

Ita Murdani
Novita Dewi
Okta Viani
Widya Silvia
Muh Jantina
Sang Ayu
Ni Luh Yanti
Widya Astiti
Kadek Priani
Kintan Kirani
Melaning Sukma
Wy Mider
Nyoman Mawa
Daktut Gambar 
Kintan Kirani
Iwy Pande Purna Yasa
MD. Suamba
Iwy Sukama
Putra Manuaba
Yoga Pratama
MD. Regug
MD. Karma
Kadek Murdana
Iwy Lamur
Gede Eka Saputra
Astina Purta
Dodix Grage
GD. Pedra
Ima Sudana
Wirama Kutra
Kadek Adi Gunawan
DW Astina Putra
Guna Asta
Ketut Taryeb
Sangkt Adnyana
Gede Gino
Wyn Raos
Wy Merta
Merta Yasa
Melani Sukima
Ketut Raru
Ketut Arjawa
Nyoman Suarmada
Gede Wis
Iwy Garasi
Nyoman Astawa
Ketut Sudiarta
Made Panggil
Nang Cadil
Ny. Gus.
Wy Marra
Wy Lunga
Nyoman Mangga
Md Kartica
Putra Sedona

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