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Aerial Performance Film

Based on a story of two women waking up in their own separate dream worlds, who then sense that the other women's dream is very close to their own, and they may be able to cross over. They decide to come together where the two dream worlds intersect, and from there, they struggle for control over what happens in the collective dream. 

Starring Anya Sapozhnikova and Sarah Sadie
Directed by Ryan Uzilevsky
Produced by Anya Sapozhnikova
Photographed by Michael Tosner
Edited by Ryan Uzilevsky + Michael Tosner


Chasm Poster w text.png




The opportunity to stage a performance in the construction site of the what would soon to be night club 'House of Yes' specifically using a human sized 'chasm' of a hole in the ceiling, offered itself as an accidentally perfect film set that could not be passed up.


The music track 'Howling' by RY X re-mixed by Klautsch, gave Ryan and Anya the rest of the inspirational cues for the extended choreographed performance, pace, and structure. 

ry x.jpg

The accidental set



The idea for the production came up during the construction of the legendary New York nightclub, House of Yes. The club went on to be a national success, recommended as one of the best American nightlife destinations by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Time Out, New York Times, and many more.

House of Yes Co-Director Anya Sapozhnikova was living with Film Director Ryan Uzilevsky in Brooklyn, New York when the construction crew of the venue had demolished a hole in the ceiling, revealing a passage way between two floors. They were inspired by the opportunity to capture this fleeting moment in time, before the club was transformed and opened to the public. 

New York based DP, Michael Tosner was contacted to help with the shoot. Then the other House of Yes Co-Director, Kae Burke, was brought on to arrange the existing rubble in the space just so, as Art Director. A host of volunteers, and even a live peacock showed up, and the rest is history!

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