The Awakening


Light Harvest has used its platform at LUMA to explore the impact of intimate, emotive dance performance on the sometimes sterile art of architectural projection. The resulting mix is a startingly resonant exploration of the human experience with all the punch of larger-than-life spectacle. The Awakening illustrates through metaphor and movement how ambition, so often seen as critical to success, can just as easily drive us away from everything we need to flourish. It’s about all the ways we’ve distanced ourselves from the natural world and a culture that makes us increasingly reticent to turn inward when there may be no other way to find that which we most desperately seek.


Created by
Light Harvest Studio


Written and Directed by
Ryan Uzilevsky


Executive Produced by
LUMA Festival


Lead Animators
Tom Bourguet
Josh Slaby


Compositing and Editing
Ryan Uzilevsky


Choreographer and Co - Writer
Alison Clancy


With Performances by
Jay Don
Chelsea Hemsworth
Lauren Stucko
Alison Clancy


Sound Designer
Brandon Wollcott


MoCap Technical Director
Todd Bryant


MoCap Studio Assistant

Asha Veeraswamy


Character Animator's
Joe Mandia
Han Hu


Additional Modeling
Bill Mata
Alexander Allaux


Adrian Rasmussen


Production Assistant
Mike Miller


Editing and Color Grading
Tice Learner


Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman (Jashua Hagen Remix)


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